Success Story: Gradient Financial Group

  • Gradient Financial GroupClient Industry: Financial Services
  • Location(s): Headquartered in Minnesota with a location in Kansas
  • # of Users: 300+
  • Service Offering: Web and Mobile Solutions: SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate


Gradient Financial Group was managing employee status changes on paper. A paper form would be manually circulated around the building to get all the required signatures. For status changes in the Kansas office, the paper form was scanned and emailed, signed, scanned, and emailed back. The Kansas process resulted in 4 copies: the original paper form, the scanned original form, the final signed paper form, and the final signed scanned form. Once fully approved, different departments (IT, Payroll, etc.) were manually emailed about the status change so that the necessary tasks could be performed. This manual process took a great deal of time and effort to manage and track and resulted in multiple copies of the form.


A SharePoint list was created with options for all the different criteria for a status change. A Power App was created that could be accessed via the web, phone or tablet that stores the data in the list. Once the data is saved, a Power Automate flow starts that sends an approval email to all the required approvers. For security purposes, the flow sets unique permissions for each individual request so that only the approvers and HR can see the details. Approval details are written back to the SharePoint list along with the name of the next approver. Once fully approved, the flow sends an email to the different departments with the details of the status change and creates a task in Planner as well as a ticket in the IT ticketing system. The flow sends reminders to the task recipients and writes the task completion details back to the SharePoint list.

The Value Created for Gradient Financial Group

Security: Unsecured pieces of paper sitting in manila folders are no longer being circulated. They have been replaced with digital forms with specific permissions. Now only those interested parties can view the details. Digital approvals also eliminate the risk of the form being lost, misrouted or left on the scanner. Multiple copies are eliminated and replaced with one secured master document.

Trackability: Not only can HR see who has approved or completed a task, it also lets them know who the next approver is so they can see exactly where the status change is in the process. Tracking the progress of the status change can now be done at a glance.

Audit Trail: Writing the approval details and task completion details back to the parent SharePoint list creates an audit trail for HR. Approval outcomes and comments are logged should there ever be a question in the future.

Efficiency: Time and money are saved by circulating digital approvals and tracking the approval path. A person no longer needs to hand carry a paper document to all the required approvers in the building. It also eliminates the need to manage multiple copies. The process can be managed by one person without having to leave their desk.